Monday, March 7, 2011

We NEED Film Making Partners 我们需要同伴



当然,机会来啦!!!  我们正需要像你一样对影片制作有兴趣的才子来加入我们。
-如果你也想多一份 Portfolio , 这也是个机会~
别放走这个好机会,想知道更多快留言或 e-mail 至


Feels nothing special that always looking the stories and photos?
This time I will do something I never done before.
I will put a story that I want to tell everyone into a short video, and let everyone enjoy it~
But the contents will not disclose by now.

Of course, the opportunities has come!!!
We need partners like you who interested to make film to join us.
Produce the works with us and learn together whether you have experience.
For the experienced senior, you too can join us as our assistant director or other positions.
If you would like to have more portfolio, this is a great chance too~~
Don't miss this great opportunity!!!

For more information please e-mail to

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