Tuesday, July 13, 2010

大人的玩具 Adult's Toys~

Me and my friend "Ah Boon" receive a package last week that we ordered.
Inside the package is the Lomography accessories and a LC-A camera.

Inside the package, there is only 2 items belongs to me. And the others, of course is "Boon".
The 2 accessories that belong to me is use on my Diana and the CANON D-SLR.

很多人会很好奇,CANON相机能用Lomography 配件吗??
哈哈~~ 过后再告诉大家为什么。
Think that lot of people will thought that how the accessories can be use on CANON?
Later will tell you all WHY.

朋友买的有ringflash, instant back, wide angle, 底片,close up等等等等等
"Boon" bought a lot of accessories, that are ringflash, instant back, wide angle, close up, films, and many many more...
All of the package that he bought also give a free camera bag and a note.
The package cost him RM2k++
Some people think that he is crazy, he is rich.
You are wrong!!!
If you have money, buy it all, play any style you like, shoot what you like.

This is real Lomographer.

Wide angle Lens + Close up 和 Lens Adaptor。
Now let me show you 2 accessories that I bought,
The Wide angle Lens+Close up and a Lens Adaptor.

Wide angle 和 Close up 镜头肯定不介绍了,相信很多摄影爱好者都知道。
直接介绍这个少数人认识的Lens Adaptor。
它的用处是把Diana 镜头装在CANON EOS相机上。
这个Lens Adaptor 只专用在NIKON 和 CANON单眼相机。
当然它不一定会拍摄出和Diana 一样的照片,
Wide angle and Close up lens is certainly not introduced, I believe many photographers know.
So I direct introduce this Lens Adaptor.
Just now I wrote about the accessories bought for CANON, this is it.
It is used to mounted Diana lens on CANON EOS and NIKON D-SLRs
Of course it cannot Auto Focus, because it is not an electronic accessories

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